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About Us

We love WordPress. A lot.

WordPress experts based all around the world

WpGoby is an initiative of Bethzoe, a web development company with remote working experts.

We noticed a large portion of clients that came to us thinking they required a new website when in actual fact they only required minor tweaking and optimisation. We saw a need to combine great service with simple solutions at a budget that would suit individuals as well as corporate – WPGoby was born.

Goby (noun): A goby is one of the largest fish families comprising more than 2,000 species in more than 200 genera.

The neon goby, known as “cleaner gobies”, remove parasites from the skin, fins, mouth, and gills of a wide variety of large fish.

Just like these gobies ensure the large fish remain parasite free so that they can continue with their daily activities, we do the same service for your website ensureing your wordpress website remains online.

What’s in a name?

Tired of maintaining your Wordpress site?

Let us take care of the maintenance of your Wordpress site for you so that you can focus on what really matters, your business. Sign up for one of our plans today and stop worrying about your website.


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An initiative of Bethzoe